This premium collection of NFTs is limited to just 1500 pieces, making it incredibly rare.

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Metabolic is set to be a top contender in the metaverse.

Get ready to enter the Metaverse and take your gaming experience to the next level. Metabolic will be a top contender in this rapidly growing industry, with plans to work with industry leaders to create a captivating, immersive experience. Our team is committed to providing an unforgettable gaming experience that will keep you coming back for more. So get ready to enter a new world of gaming and explore the possibilities of the Metaverse. Thanks for choosing Metabolic!

What is Metabolic? What

A beautiful smart contract designed to become your ship to access the Metaverse.

Perfect De-Fi Platform

A platform perfect for all metabolic’s game development requirements? That sounds pretty sweet! And it is… because that’s exactly what the Polygons De-fi Platform offers! Not only are gas fees ultra cheap on this platform, but it also provides all the tools and resources metabolic needs to create amazing games. So what are you waiting for? Get on the Polygons De-fi Platform and start developing your dream game today!

Crowd Wisdom

We support the democracy. The blockchain technology is the best way to ensure fairness and transparency in the voting process. We will implement a DAO function in the near future. This will allow our users to have a say in how the platform is run. We believe that this is the best way to ensure that our platform is used for the benefit of all.

Rewards Mechanism

You read that right. We’re paying you to stay with us. The more you hold, the more $USDT you will earn. That’s because we believe in the long-term future of cryptocurrency and we want to reward our loyal customers. So what are you waiting for? Get started today and start hodling and start earning $USDT.


INFINITE is a fascinating world where modern technology meets ancient art styling. It’s an immersive, open-world design that draws inspiration from MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, Diablo & LostArk.

Existing MMORPGs are not designed to be played for a lifetime, and do not offer players the opportunity to earn valuable in-game assets.
Players invest hundreds of hours into MMORPGs, but receive nothing in return but entertainment. The games are designed to be addictive and keep players engaged for as long as possible, but this comes at the cost of players’ time and money.
Metabolic Games is introducing a new way to game! one that rewards players for playing the game for a lifetime. INFINITE is an MMORPG that uses blockchain technology to create unique in-game assets called NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). These tokens can be traded on decentralized exchanges, giving players real value and utility for their time and effort.

  • Infinite offers an entirely free-to play experience. For those who want more than just the standard character, there are unique NFTs available to purchase with your $MTBC holdings!
  • The high stakes PvP arena is where you can put your gear or $MTBC on the line. It’s not for faint hearted, but it will be worth every pulse-pounding moment!

Play-To-Earn (P2E)

  • The ability to earn tokens and other NFT items based on one’s performance in-game serves as the catalyst for stimulating rapid community growth and overall higher active player counts . With these incentives, players are more likely than ever before stay engaged with their communities both online or off!

True Digital Ownership

  • Unlike other free-to-play games, INFINITE gives players complete ownership over the items you obtain with $MTBC from Metabolics NFT Marketplace “METAMARKET” you’ll be able to buy & sell them freely for any desired amount.
  • With $MTBC you’ll be able to purchase in-game land offerings as well as special characters, weapons and items all in the form of NFTs.

An Amazing Ecosystem

  • Metabolics $MTBC tokens are designed to be utilized as the central hub of the INFINITE ecosystem allowing users to access the marketplace for those yummy RPG goodies! Weapons, Armors, Vehicles, Pets, Crafting Materials and all other important in-game items. all this on-top of staking incentives.


Available on POLYGON Network


Download MetaMask or Trust Wallet Applications Extensions for chrome or mobile apps


Purchase Polygon Tokens ($MATIC) and send them to your MetaMask or Trust Wallet.


Load Dapp “QuickSwap Exchange”.  This will load the Polygon $MATIC & Metabolic $MTBC trading pair.


A popup will open, click the check box “I understand”, this will load (MTBC) into QuickSwap.


Make sure your MetaMask Wallet or Trust Wallet Is synced with QuickSwap.


Set the amount of Metabolic (MTBC) you would like to purchase, and set slippage to 10.1%.


Confirm your transaction has completed successfully correctly via


Enjoy the flight to mars and beyond! Happy Hodling!

Metabolic Games: NFTs NFT

Our NFT system is designed to allow players to create, sell, and trade digital assets in all of our upcoming games.

Metabolic Games is revolutionizing the digital rights management of video games with its new NFTs system. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are a type of cryptocurrency that can be used to represent ownership of digital assets. This means players can purchase, sell, or trade their in-game items without having to worry about the game’s publisher revoking their access.

In addition, the NFTs system will allow Metabolic Games to track player behavior and prevent cheating. This will create a fairer and more transparent gaming experience for all involved. Metabolic Games is on the cutting edge of a new era of video game development, and the NFTs system is just the beginning.

What Makes Metabolic Games NFTs Different?
  • – In-game Playable NFTs – Characters / Armor / Weapons / Accessories
  • – Asset Nesting NFTs
  • – Tradable
  • – Giftable
  • – Rentable / Passive Income Generation
  • – In-game NFT Marketplace

Tokenomics Metabolic

Metabolic (MTBC) token is on the Polygon Network platform.

Supply (POLYGON | ERC-20)

Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 ($MTBC)

Transaction Tax


Rewards in Metabolic tokens

1% Rewards in (pos) USDT Tether

Development (Tax)


Marketing (Tax)


Liquidity (Tax)



Phase 1 [Completed]

• Contract creation.
• Design for Website/Social Media accounts.
• Creation of whitepaper and version 1 of roadmap.
• Initial contract Auditing.
• Deployment of website and social media accounts.
• Start of social media engagements. Target min’ 2,500 Telegram members.
• Influencers and marketing promotion.
• Start airdrop for previous token holders.
• Private selling of tokens.
• Pre-selling of tokens.
• Tapping call channels.
• MTBC Launched on PancakeSwap.

Phase 2 [Completed]

• CoinGecko and CMC listing.
• Application to minor CEX listing.
• Start development of NFT Marketplace.
• Start migration over to Polygon Network.

Phase 3 [In Progress]

• Completion of Audit on Polygon Network.
• MTBC Lauched on Quiclswap.
• Launch NFT Art with built-in rewards for in game NFT's.
• Staking to go live with Brewlabs.
• Rerelease of White Paper v2.0

Phase 4

• First Auction of game NFT's.
• Continue development of INFINITE game.
• Second auction of game NFTs.

Phase 5

• Alpha Testing of Infinite Metabolic Game.
• Major CEX listing.
• Continue development of INFINITE game.
• Major marketing drive To be announced.
• More to come! Stay tuned... 🙂

Phase 6

Meet The Metabolic Team CORE TEAM

The METABOLIC team combine a passion for gaming, graphics, and cryptocurrency. They have a proven track record in finance, development, marketing & design.

Daniel Bertoli
Founder | CEO

  • A blockchain veteran, that is eager to provide the world with immense value and earnings. He uses his background in computer science and English to support, encourage, and lead his team to success and happiness.

Seann Mac | Aegonizer
COO | Lead Designer

  • Lead Designer @ metabolic is a video game design graduate with a degree in graphic design. He has worked as a 3D modeler and environment designer for over 10 years, and has experience in creating high-quality assets for games across all platforms.

Rodney Stevens | Theroddimus
CFO | Social Media Manager

  • Consummate business professional. He has spent his career in sales, developing and maintaining customer relationships. His skills have transferred well to the online world, where he has built large communities on both Twitch and Discord.

Josh Stingel | BigDaddyJ
Blockchain Developer

  • He is known in the IT world as a jack-of-all-trades. He’s a computer information systems graduate who knows his way around any and every system. He’s also an OG gamer, with skills that would make any player green with envy. His sexy voice make him a fantastic choice voiceover works.

John Traylor | JohnT
CCO | Chief Collaborations Officer

      • Operating Engineer is a title that doesn’t quite do justice to the brilliance and creativity of this individual. With a background in construction management, mathematics and physics, he has an innate understanding of how things work. When it comes to problem solving, there is nobody better.

Johnathan Hauck | Incredible
CXO / Chief Experience Officer

  • As CXO, he is responsible for the experience our customers have – whether that’s with our products, services or just having a positive interaction with us. With a background in banking and firefighting, he knows how to handle difficult situations and keep people positive. He’s also a gamer and Twitch streamer in his spare time!



Any questions? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.